Zimmerite, Rivets, Joint lines. NM Map by RazNaRok

This Guide was written by RazNaRok, I just portet it from the old forum.

Infomation of the blue layer outdated as of patch 1.55 and physical based rendering. Rest of the Guide is still useful

Most know a typical normal maps looks like: WT uses a different kind and looks like:

Why Green?
WT is rendering the Red and Blue channels for normal mapping threw the alpha.
Red contains information about specularity and blue channel hold no info,filled black.
Where as the typical normal map uses all 3 up to 4 channels.

Before we get started let me explain why we are doing this.

RED - empty no info, or in WT case specularity info
GREEN - Back/Front bump info
BLUE - empty
ALPHA - Left/Right bump info

In order to create WT like NM's We must blend both the red and blue channels together then paste those into the alpha channel.
Tools Used: PS CS2 or Gimp, NVidia NormalMap Plugin

Export the WT vehicle NM skin as ussual with separate RGB and ALPHA

Decompose the WT vehicle default NM RGB with Colors > Components > Decompose, RGB method.

Create new bump layer with contains 50% gray (127,127,127), paint on it new bump decals like zimmerite, rivets, join lines etc... anything with is brighter than 50% grey become higher, and anything with is darker than 50% grey become deeper.

Duplicate it and Create White/Black Opacity mask from it

Pick the bump layer and run the NormalMap Plugin with scale 3.0 and filtering 4-sample or 5x5 anything else leave at default settings

Decompose the result layer (Cyan-Magenta) with Colors > Components > Decompose, RGB method.

Copy GREEN layer of decomposed new NM to the GREEN layer of decomposed default WT NM skin, set it to OVERLAY
and add to it white opacity mask with was created earlier.

Put BLUE layer of new NM above the RED one of new NM
Set the BLUE of new NM to MULTIPLY and the RED one of new NM to SCREEN, if necessary adjust contrast and brightness of RED to fine tune deepness.

Flatten the BLUE of new NM to the RED of new NM

Copy the result layer to the ALPHA of default WT NM, set it to OVERLAY and add to it white opacity mask with was created earlier.

If necessary add shadows and specularity to RED of default WT NM

Compose now the new RED, GREEN, BLUE of default WT NM with Colors > Components > Compose, RGB method.

Add white opacity mask to new RGB, paste to it new ALPHA

Anchor layer, Apply mask, export to typical shaders texture *.dds or *.tga, add path to *.blk


I can't seem ti get the normal map plugin to work. 


By bennyboy9800