Export templates from CDK

 Export templates from CDK


Additional Ressources:

You can also download tenk templates via my dropbox link:  Tank templates

To make the conversion progress from the exported .dds files to template files easier I created a script for batchprocessing Download

This is a small batch script for converting the .dds files from the War Thunder Assets Viewer to usable skinning templates with adjustable resolution and extension (Photoshop .psd and Gimp .xcf).

For this procedure you need to have GIMP installed on your computer
Also you need the Warthunder CDK along with the Assetsviewer to create the .dds export files

To convert the .dds files to tempaltes (seperate alpha and rgb layer) look at the following steps:

1. Put "tiger-dds-decompose.scm" inside your "C:\Users\.gimp-2.8\scripts" Folder
2. You can verify that the script is recognized by finding it in your opened GIMP window under "Colors => DDS Decompose"
If not look up your include path inside "Edit -> Settings-> Folder->Scripts" and adjust them to your needs.

3. Modify the "create_templates.bat"
3.1 Set your Gimp installation path in the following line, be sure that it links to gimp-console-2.8 executable :

Example: SET gimpEXE="C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-console-2.8"

3.2 Set the output file extension parameter, 0 is for .xcf (GIMP) and 1 will output ".psd" (PS) Files
3.3 Set the scale parameter parameter, a factor of two will double the template sizes to 4k

Example: (script-fu-dds-decompose \"%%x\" )
(script-fu-dds-decompose \"%%x\" 0 2) will put out .xcf files in 4k resolution.

4. Put your modified "create_templates.bat" inside the folder with the .dds files you extracted by the Warthunder Assets Viewer
5. Execute the "create_templates.bat", for every .dds file inside the folder a new template file with the same name will be generated.

Hope that I could make your lives a little bit easier.