Adding decals to WT skins with 3DS MAX by RazNaRok

This Guide was written by RazNaRok, I just portet it from the old forum.

As we well know, some of the ground forces vehicles have a unfoldable rounded surfaces in result those have distorted stretched and wrapped textures... If we simply put decals on them... those become distorted on in-game model, by example circle may become stretched to ellipse or a square may become a trapeze etc. This Tutorial will teach U how to paste details to texture in 3DS MAX using game model UVW coordinates to correctly unfold decals to texture.

Things We need:

  • Grabbed Model from game (tutorial)
  • Template texture of model of U'r choice
  • 3DS MAX (trial is enough)
  • Graphic Editor of U'r choice to prepare textures and post-procesing. So lets get started...


1. Import model with default skin

2. Prepare textures

3. Addition of UVW Map Modifier

4. Addition of new decals to unfold

5. Adjusting decals on model

6. Rendering Setup

7. Rendering

8. Post-Processing

9. Weathering

10. Final Assembly of Skin