Tank Color Chart

example Note: This are the colors which are used by me for War thunder skins. I'm not a great fan of using the direct RAL colors since they get falsified by the game rendering engine, as you can see in the picture above. Since alot of circumstances (weather, theatre of war, factory, availible ressouces) can lead to different colors on tanks just take this chart as a suggestion!


dak [4]dunkelgelb [44]dak [21]gelb [11]gelb [29]
rostschutz [24]sand [6]DAK [43]sand [1]sand [9]
braun [12]braun [31]olivgrün [30]braun [25]grün [13]
DAK braun [42]panzergrau [5]braun [2]panzergrau [14]rotbraun [28]
braun [10]grün [8]nato olive [41]lederbraun (BW) [33]Bronzegrün (BW) [32]
grün [3]grün [27]teerschwarz (BW) [34]

Soviet Union

green [15]green [22]


navy blue [38]olive drab [39]olive drab [16]olive drab [40]black [17]

Great Britain

white [37]sand [19]desert pink [20]light mud [35]green [18]
blue black [36]